Poems Being Shared at MediLodge of East Lansing


This poem was written

by one of our residents to our Resident Advocate, Crystal. Great job Crystal providing additional love and compassion to all of our residents!

You Have this way of looking at me that says everything is gonna be ok,

You have this way of talking to me that instantly makes me feel safe,

I can only speak for myself but if you asked Ronnie I’m sure she’d feel about the same way too.
The good Lord saw we needed an angel and we needed one of his best,
so he sent you down from heaven to help us through our mess,

We just can’t thank you enough for all you do,
And for all that you’ve done,

Ms. Crystal when we say we love you it’s not said in jest,
When we say we love you it’s because it’s the truth,

Thank God for angels,
And since you are our angle thank God for you!

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