MediLodge Spotlight: Crystalyn Ketchum

Employee Spotlight Crystalyn Ketchum

MediLodge of East Lansing believes strongly in encouraging and supporting our staff as they grow their healthcare careers. Through encouragement, training, and education reimbursement, MediLodge is paving the path for our wonderful employees to become strong leaders in the healthcare industry. Here is one of our stories of growth.

Meet Crystalyn Ketchum, Director of Resident Advocacy. Crystalyn has been a certified nursing assistant for seven years. After growing as a CNA, Crystalyn was promoted to Director of Resident Advocacy. She has been given the opportunity and skills necessary by her team of managers within the company to accomplish the next step in her life of becoming a Nursing Home Administrator. This next step in her career took some serious self-reflection. After doing so, Crystalyn applied for the Nursing Home Administrators Class and was given the opportunity to start the NHA program with Ferris State University. When asked why she chose to become a Nursing Home Administrator, Crystalyn said, “The people I work with and the Residents I take care of are an extension of my family. I could not ask for a better match of people and personalities in my life. These are some of the many reasons I have chosen to become an Administrator.”

Congratulations Crystalyn! We look forward to watching you grow!

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